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HarshMet EPDM Cold Shrink Tubings for Copper and Aluminum conductors from 10 AWG through 1000 kcmil

HarshMet CPE series cold shrink tube is manufactured from premium UV resistant EPDM rubber. Based on 15+ years of fabrication experience in many kinds of rubber materials, our CPE series cold shrink EPDM rubber tubes boast extra high performance in elasticity, shrink ratio and wide size range capabilities, making it ideal solutions as weatherproofing kits in wireless communication market, also splicing kits, jointing kits and termination kits in LV, MV and HV cable applications. The applications are not limited in telecom and power sectors, based on the high performance such as excellent UV resistance, tear resistance and different surface charcteristics from silicone rubber, HarshMet CPE series cold shrink EPDM tubes are also highly popular in other outdoor industrial applications for purposes of sealing, insulation or mechanical protection etc.

With new equipment having been installed, HarshMet is now capable of manufacturing CPE series EPDM cold shrink tubes with inside diameter of supporting spiral from 15mm up to 155mm, length from 40mm up to 10,00mm for covering almost all kinds of industrial cables and wires with extra small outside diameters or additionally large outer diameters.

Besides the standard dimensions as you can see on our website, HarshMet is also prepared to manufacture custom sizes as per our clients' specific applications.

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