About Us


HarshMet Corporation - An Expert in Plastic, Rubber and Metal Manufacturing

SINCE 2006

在經濟全球化的今天,一個成熟穩定有競爭力的供應鏈,在一個公司成功的過程中發揮著越來越本質的作用。 在漢氏,我們的經營理念非常簡單,以較低的成本為客戶製造和提供高可靠性的產品,服務和解決方案。我們始終真誠地傾聽客戶的需求,遵循客戶的理念來製造他們需要的產品。同時得益于多年在塑料,橡膠和金屬加工等領域的經驗,在必要時,向客戶獻上我們的主意,設計和計劃。我們是一個年輕的公司,規模不大, 采用 因地制宜+小工厂的方式 打造我们的生产体系。这一理念,基于我们的技术经验和中国实际产业布局情况, 让我们得以最大限度地降低我们的生产成本和发挥我们的技术优势。 一路走來,我們已經為越來越多的電信和電力領域的大大小小合作夥伴提供了滿意的產品和服務。在未來期待與您攜手合作,共創成功。

In a globalizing world, a reliable and competitive supply chain is playing a more and more essential role in companies' successful stories. In HarshMet, our philosophy is very simple, to manufacture and supply our clients products, service and solutions  of high reliability at a relative lower cost. We are always listening to our clients, following their ideas and making their ideas come true by manufacturing satisfactory products for them. Thanks to years of experience in fabrication and processing of plastic, rubber and metal products and mold tooling, we are always, if necessary, able to provide our clients with our ideas, design and plan. HarshMet is group of small or medium sized factories which have been acquired and invested according to the specific situation of resources and industries distribution of China. This kind of idea , i.e, small/medium factories + different locations enables us to cut our production cost to the utmost, give full play to our technological capabilities. As factories, we are not very big but we are a group of experts in processing of rubber, plastic, metal fabrication, die and mold tooling, which means our clients can trust us for high reliability in quality.  We are proud that we have been serving worldwide telecom and power clients, big or small, since our establishment and have won their recognition. In future, we are looking forward to working with you for a more and more prosperous business.