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Clear Silicone Rubber Tape - Transparent Self Fusing Tape

HarshMet SFT-40 clear self fusing silicone rubber transparent tape is a high temperature and arc-and-track resistant tape composed of self fusing, inorganic silicone rubber and easy-tear and easy-strip liner. SFT-40 has wide temperature tolerance of -50 to 250  . It can beapplied through 15kV for insulation and sealing for cable and reenter connections.


Insulation for electrical systems—Protection for motor and generator coils and leads without any residue left behind on removal 

Harness wrapping and wire bundling—Meets Class H insulation requirements. Easy application and removal 

Splicing, terminating, and bonding—Ideal field repair system. Significantly easier and cleaner application than traditional tapes and potting compounds 

Aircraft applications—Flame retardant versions available to secure insulation to hot air ducting 

Automotive applications—Easily installed as a battery weather wrap to prevent corrosive buildup on terminals


Quick acting—Starts to tack instantly and forms a permanent bond within 24 hours 

Sealing—Forms a homogeneous, void-free, air- and watertight seal 

No adhesive—Can be applied to unclean surfaces and leaves no residue behind y Protects—Against UV, ozone, fungus, salt water, fuels, oils, coolants, acids, and cleaners 

Flexibility—Remains flexible even when exposed to abrasion and temperatures down to –65°C 

Insulation—Provides up to 8000 volts at 0.5mm thickness 

Fire and heat resistance—Can be made to meet fire-resistant and fireproof specifications, and can function without melting above +260°C 

Electrical advantages—silicone tape has superior arc and corona resistance 

Custom designs—available to meet a wide range of applications