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    Item No. SK-1300A

    Pre-birdproofed cable assembly with 4.3-10 connector on both sides

    A Pre-birdproofed Cable Assembly aims to protect coaxial cable against damage from birds.This jumper is made of feeder cable, connector and sheath. The sheath has three layers.Inner adopts galvanized steel strip; middle adopts PVC ultraviolet resistant, anti-aging; outer adopts stainless steel metal wire. The outer layers layer is mesh-shaped.



    • Excellent bird-pecking resistant performance 
    • High pull-off strength
    • Excellent V.S.W.R performance.
    • Low and stable intermodulation.
    • Weatherproof


    Item No.        Description
    HBP12S-4310M-4310M 1/2 superflex pre-birdproofed jumper cable with 4.3-10 Male connector on both sides,
    cable length 1 meter.
    HBP1/2S-1-DM--DM 1/2 superflex pre-birdproofed jumper cable with DIN Male connector on both sides,
    cable length 1 meter.


        1.Elaborate interface design,sheath size from Ø4mm to Ø180mm. Cable and connector can be matched according to the needs of your base station Antenna. (N type, 7/16 type, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 type)

        2.There are various well-design solution for you to choose,
    as long as one email or one call.



    Sheath material: 

    • (inner) adopting galvanized steel strip
    • (middle) adopting PVC ultraviolet resistant, anti-aging
    • (outer) stainless steel metal wire

    Product property: The product has excellent waterproof, insulating properties.


    Application: The utility model belongs to the field of the cable, in particular to protect RF coaxial cable against bird pecking.