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LOW PIM 1/4 Coaxial Cable Male Plug Connector NEX10 Jumper Cable

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LOW PIM 1/4 Coaxial Cable Male Plug Connector NEX10 Jumper Cable

NEX10 Connector 

Designed to Meet the Demands of Upcoming 5G Networks

In the field of telecommunications, as base station rf units and antennas are developing towards miniaturization, it is necessary to match them with small volume and high performance rf connectors. The NEX10 is a miniaturized rf connector system that features design stability, low passive intermodulation levels, and threaded and pluggable connections. The minimum flange height of the NEX10 is 12.7mm.
The working frequency of the NEX10 connector is up to 20GHz, and the echo loss index is excellent. Meanwhile, the passive intermodulation level is stable and independent of the torsion and vibration. Pluggable and threaded connectors have the same excellent performance. The NEX10 interface design is highly stable, eliminating the risk of damage to the connector due to improper installation. The NEX10 connector is optimized for cable matching and can support corrugated cables up to 1/4 "in size. As part of the interface, the seal sheath makes the NEX10 the best choice for extreme outdoor applications. At the same time, NEX10 provides both plug-in and threaded docking modes, which can be flexibly selected for different installation needs.
For the small base station applications of 4G and 5G networks today and in the future, three mainstream manufacturers in the field of radio frequency connectors in the telecommunications industry have worked together to develop this miniaturized radio frequency connector.
NEX10 -- the new radio frequency connection system was officially announced at the Electronica 2016 in Munich, Germany, and will be mass-produced in 2017.



Characteristic Impedance 50ohm
Frequency Range DC-6GHz
VSWR 1.15
Dielectric withstanding voltage ≥2500RMS,50Hz,at sea level
Dielectric Resistance ≥5000MΩ
Contact Resistance Outer Contact≤1.0mΩ ;Center Contact≤1.0mΩ
PIM (@2-tonex20w) ≤-160dBC


Durability       Mating cycles ≥500

Material and plating


Material Plating
Body Brass Tri-alloy
Insulator PTFE
Center conductor Brass Ag
Other Brass TRI-ALLOY 


Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃
Watertightness IP67
Rosh-compliance Full ROHS compliance
Salt-fog test 96h