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1/4" Superflex Jumper Cable, RF 7/16 Male To 7/16 Male Straight Connector

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1/4" Superflex Jumper Cable, RF 7/16 Male To 7/16 Male Straight Connector

Jumper Cable RF-Combination connectors of different connector series can be assembled as either straight or angle versions by using the corresponding clamps.With only one combination connector and the different cable clamps,a variety of connectors can be produced allowing a reduction in stock-levels.The technical specifications can be obtained from the descriptions in the respective chapters for each series.


1) RF coaxial cable assemblies
2) RF connector with Andrew / LMR / RG cable series
3) Connector type: N, L29 (7/16), SMA, SMB, MCX and others
4) Cable type: FSJ1-50A (1/4''), FSJ2-50 (3/8"), LDF4-50A (1/2"),
LDF5-50A (7/8"), VXL5-50 (7/8"), LMR100, LMR195, LMR200, LMR240,
LMR400, LMR500 and LMR600

5) OEM / ODM orders are welcome


According to:IEC60169-16 / IEC61169-54


1. Characteristic Impedance:50ohm

2. Frequency Range:DC-3.6GHz

3. VSWR:≤1.15

4. PIM:-160dBc

5. Dielectric withstanding voltage:≥1500RMS,50Hz,at sea level

6. Dielectric Resistance:≥5000MΩ


1.Durability :Mating cycles ≥500

2.Material and plating:

   Body Material: Brass  Plating: Tri-alloy

   Insulator Material: PTFE

   Center Conductor Material:Brass /Phosphor Bronze Plating: Ag


1.Temperature Range:-40℃~+85℃

2.RoHS Compliant: Pass



All products appearance,technical performance and electroplating can be customized according to your requirements.